Eonsmoke Electronic Cigarettes Review

Eonsmoke Electronic Cigarettes Review

Rating | Price: $34.95
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Bottom Line

This is an average e-cigarette with a few problematic areas that could be easily fixed. By making small changes to their packaging and spelling, it would potentially make a big difference in the overall impression people get from the e-cig itself. So for now, I give EonSmoke around 2.5 stars out of 5, but with a little attention to quality and details, they could quickly be a 3 or 4.

If you’re searching for an affordable starter kit with lots of flavor varieties, EonSmoke is a good option. You’ll enjoy thick, dense clouds of vapor, but be careful if you’re a light smoker because the throat hit is intense.

EonSmoke is one of the smaller e-cig brands, but they still have plenty of devoted fans. Their website claims the EonSmoke “looks, feels, and tastes like a real cigarette.” I decided to try it and see if I agreed.

The first time I encountered EonSmoke was online. After I read about them on a forum, I checked out their website. It’s not really impressive with a simple black background and some semi-fuzzy graphics. But they do have an active EonSmoke forum and a blog so I figured it was worth my time to try out their e-cig.


  • Affordable starter kits
  • Lots of flavors to try
  • Excellent vapor production


  • Throat hit is too strong for some
  • Underwhelming tobacco cartridges
  • Spelling errors on packaging

Eonsmoke Review

This brand has a lot of potential. However, they also could use some tweaking to really get to a point where their product stands out above competitors.

As far as selection, they offer four rechargeable starter kits that cost anywhere from $30 to $110. For this review, I tried the EonSmoke Premium Kit, which is not the most expensive kit, but it’s second in line at $79.95. In my kit, I had all the standard stuff you would expect: two batteries, USB and wall chargers, and six flavored cartridges. As a bonus, EonSmoke also gives you an additional pack of five cartridges for free with this kit, so you actually get 11 all together.

You can choose nicotine strengths from 0 mg to 30 mg. They also have plenty of flavors. Here is their current selection: apple, cherry, chocolate, coffee, mango, menthol, mint, mojito, president, sands, strawberry, tobacco, vanilla, wrangler, grape mint, and frost.

\The kit itself is attractive enough. It’s a standard box with a flip top and magnetic latch. Inside, you get all the supplies I listed above as well as the user manual, membership card, and a certificate of inspection, which was a nice touch. The manual was typical and contained all the standard information about how to assemble the e-cig and how to use it. One note here is that EonSmoke does list e-cig specifications in the manual, like the voltage and exact dimensions. I thought that was a nice addition that other companies should include.

The EonSmoke membership card had information about the e-cig’s ingredients and basic legal statements about how e-cigs can legally be used in areas where tobacco smoking is banned. The only downside was a lack of contact information.

My other big complaint about the packaging of the kit was with spelling. There were several times I spotted a word misspelled in either the manual or on the membership card. This is such a little thing, but it speaks volumes about the product when a company doesn’t take the take to check for spelling mistakes. I hope they correct that in the future.

The equipment in my kit seemed to be well made and attractive enough. I had a long battery and a short battery which was good and the e-cig was already assembled with a tobacco flavored cartridge in place and ready to be used. The cartridges were packaged in a little box and labeled as “atomizers” which was kind of weird, since they are technically cartomizers, but I digress.

I liked that the cartridges were individually sealed in a plastic bag with rubber tips on both ends. The flavor is also clearly printed so there is no guessing game to figure out which flavor you are about to try. On the other hand, they really need to add an expiration date to the cartridge bags. That would be a great way to step up quality control.

My EonSmoke e-cig had a white battery and tan cartridge, so it looked similar to a regular cigarette. It was pretty average in size and nothing too unexpected as an electronic cigarette option.

After trying the EonSmoke, I would say that this one is probably best for heavy smokers. I used the 18mg cartridge and the throat hit was almost too strong for me. If you like a strong throat hit, you will love this. For me, I just couldn’t even imagine how strong the 30mg cartridges would be if the 18mg was that harsh. It’s really a matter of preference though.

I liked the flavor of the tobacco cartridge okay. It was slightly sweet, which is typical of a China-made e-liquid. There was nothing that really stood out in terms of taste, but I would like to try some of the other flavors they offer at some point in the future. My favorite thing about the EonSmoke was definitely the vapor production. It was thick and strong and overall, consistently amazing.

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